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Fly Air A300 TC-FLM

This Fly Air Airbus A300 just arrived from Nev?ehir, Turkey.

Fly Air A300 TC-FLM

Informationen zum abgebildeten Flugzeug

Flughafen: Aufnahmedatum:
Stuttgart (STR/EDDS) (1750)
48.69° N 9.21° O
04.08.2006 (35)
Fluggesellschaft: Flugzeugtyp/Registrierung:
Fly Air (2) Airbus A300B2K-3C (61)
TC-FLM (1)

Dieses Foto wurde bisher 1146 mal aufgerufen.



I suppose this is considered as a minimalist look... right to the point. "Fly" on a white plane with a bird logo. Nothing really to get confused about LOL. Nice clean shot though :)


Last year I saw one of their A300s at Antalya Airport. The old livery wasn't better :-(


Wow "Fly Air" with a white plane and a dot on the tail LOL... Not very imaginative.. oh well.. still good to see some A300s flying, I rarely see them over here.

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