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LTU A330-300 D-AERQ

This LTU Airbus A330-300 is taking off from Stuttgart Airport. This flight is going to Antalya, Turkey.

LTU A330-300 D-AERQ

Informationen zum abgebildeten Flugzeug

Flughafen: Aufnahmedatum:
Stuttgart (STR/EDDS) (1750)
48.69° N 9.21° O
29.08.2006 (7)
Fluggesellschaft: Flugzeugtyp/Registrierung:
LTU (35) Airbus A330-322 (83)
D-AERQ MSN: 127 (9)

Dieses Foto wurde bisher 1659 mal aufgerufen.



I think it needs at least a story -- where is it, where is it landing (or is it taking off). What is LTU (I don't know). I think with some care you can make it an interesting photo.


Thanks paulaloe, there was something missing. Now I added an explanation for the photo.


Nice shot> I like the contrasting bright red with the darker clouds. LTU's always had a cool look.


great shot, and i agree, i love the color contrast between the aircraft and the sky!

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