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Lufthansa A321-100 D-AIRX

In the background you can see the Boeing 707-430 which is used for emergancy trainings at Hamburg Airport.

Lufthansa A321-100 D-AIRX

Informationen zum abgebildeten Flugzeug

Flughafen: Aufnahmedatum:
Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel (HAM/EDDH) (92)
53.63° N 10.00° O
17.02.2006 (33)
Fluggesellschaft: Flugzeugtyp/Registrierung:
Lufthansa (490) Airbus A321-131 (257)
D-AIRX MSN: 887 (5) Weimar

Dieses Foto wurde bisher 1604 mal aufgerufen.

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I like it when airlines paint a retro paint scheme on one of their new planes. This shot is great because it also includes a classic 707 which probably would have had the same design had it flown for Lufthansa at the time.


i hope LH puts more planes in service with the "old skool" look! they should adapt the look a little, the letters should be bigger and the "kranich" should also be bigger... from a little further away it's hard to read... the new styl

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