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Messerschmitt Bf 109


Messerschmitt Bf 109

Informationen zum abgebildeten Flugzeug

Flughafen: Aufnahmedatum:
Roßfeld, Metzingen (24)
48.51° N 9.33° O
09.09.2006 (23)
Fluggesellschaft: Flugzeugtyp/Registrierung:
Private Messerschmitt Bf 109 (76)
none (1)

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A nice airplane but perhaps you missed the title of this group. It is called "Jet Airplanes" The German's had a jet aircraft at this point in history but this ain't it. Don


Sorry captain. I removed it from the group.


Nice clean shot!


great picture


o.k. kein jet aber nen super bild


Nice shot! This is probably one of the last to have an original engine, and not using a merlin engine. The first comment is ... rather harsh!


Great to see a shot of a genuine 109, not a Buchon!


I think that you are all fooled here... look at the underside of the nose and that very thin propeller... it looks like a radio control model aircraft. Nice scale, but there are some anomalies that you don't see on a full size one. (Smaller diameter prope


This photo has always been in the RC model groups. It was not my intention to fool anyone. But it's interesting that it took more than two years for someone to notice that ;-)


nazi germeny's engine aircraft was the messershmidt me-262. it was faster then even the mustang

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