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Nippon Cargo B747-400 JA08KZ

Nippon Cargo B747-400 JA08KZ

Informationen zum abgebildeten Flugzeug

Flughafen: Aufnahmedatum:
Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS/EHAM) (313)
52.30° N 4.75° O
14.08.2008 (139)
Fluggesellschaft: Flugzeugtyp/Registrierung:
Nippon Cargo Airlines (NCA) (3) Boeing 747-4KZF(SCD) (204)
JA08KZ MSN: 36135 (2)

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you, or another user, seem to have mucked up a string of tags by including them within quotes. I went ahead and repasted them without the quotes for you, but you may want to clear out the broken tag.


Thanks for you help :-)


@ the zwanenburgbaan (center) just before you saw it parking

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