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Planepictures of 22. June 2011

Number of photos: 10

DLR A320-200 F-WWDB
Al Jaber Aviation A318-100(CJ) D-AUAB
China Eastern A321-200 D-AVZG (B-6755)
Airbus A300ST Beluga F-GSTC
Alitalia A319-100 (D-AVYG) EI-IMN
Airbus A300ST Beluga F-GSTA
EasyJet A320-200 D-AVVI (G-EZUJ)
Turkish Airlines A319-100 D-AVYK (TC-JLY)
Emirates A380-800 F-WWSB (A6-EDS)
Emirates A380-800 F-WWSB (A6-EDS)

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Delta B763 N180DN

KLM cityhopper Fokker 70 PH-KZI

Air Berlin (Germania) B737-700 D-AGEU

Turkish Airlines A319-100 TC-JLV

Germanwings A319-100 D-AKNJ

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